Posted by: yourparadise | March 7, 2011

Carnival in the Netherlands

Carnival exists in the whole world. It’s also celebrated in the Netherlands, but actually only in the Catholic regions of the Netherlands. (The provinces in the south of the Netherlands.)

Last Sunday I visited my grandparents who live in ‘Noord-Brabant’ (literally: North-Brabant). The name is maybe a little bit strange, because it’s not a province in the north, but in the south of The Netherlands.

In a lot of villages are special events because of Carnival. My sister and I went to a place where there was a parade. People walked through the small village playing instruments,  showing their selfmade ‘cars’ or danced. I’ll show you some pictures of it.

On top of this thing, you can see two men standing. One of them is the so called ‘Prince Carnival’ of this village.

As you can see it’s actually a really small event, compared to the big Carnivals, for example in Rio de Janeiro. But Carnival is really important for the people in those villages. They prepare a lot of things for this event and have a lot of fun. For some people, Carnival is also a really good excuse to drink lot of beer… 😉

Unfortunately, my sister and I didn’t see a lot of the parade because the people walked really slow through the street and some of the acts weren’t really interesting. It was also a bit strange for us, because we aren’t used to the Carnivals here, because we live in the north of the Netherlands instead of the south.

The Carnaval continues till tomorrow,  March 8th. After that the fast begins till it’s Easter.



  1. While unfortunate that you did not get to see the all that was entailed in the parade, I hope a taste was good for the time being. Great capture of the essence in your photographs.

    • Thank you very much! Yes, it was fun to have seen. 🙂

  2. I watched this type of carnival in Maastricht. It was a headache to travel from Den Haag to Maastricht that day, the train was so packed up and we were like sardines inside. Well, sardines with clown costumes, that is… I guess a lot of people travelled to the cities that have the carnival. I love the carnival, though!

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Oh yeah, it must have been really busy in the trains and busses around carnival. I hope you had fun in Maastricht!

  3. What lovely colourful photos 🙂

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