Posted by: yourparadise | April 21, 2011

Blossom in spring

In my garden there’s this ornamental apple tree. I really like that the tree changes so much through the year. It has such pretty little flowers and later really small apples. You can’t eat them though, but they have a really nice red colour.
Because spring started, the tree is blossoming again.

I took some pictures of the small flowers, hope you like them!



  1. How is it possible that you can make such beautiful pictures with such a simple and ordinary camara?!? Especially the first one is really perfect!

    • Thank you! I’m actually saving for a better camera 🙂

  2. Wonderful photos!

  3. Your tree sure does make a real nice subject… You should think about taking the same shot of it from the same point in your garden at different points during the year, to record how much it changes and grows over time…

    • Thank you very much! That’s a good idea. It’s really nice to see the tree changing through the year. The blossoms is also already going away!

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