Posted by: yourparadise | September 2, 2011

Back in The Netherlands

Two weeks ago I went back home. I had a good time on Corsica, and still have many other photos to show you guys. These past days I haven’t been really busy with my blog, but that will change soon. I needed to get used to The Netherlands again. It’s really much colder here, haha!

We went back home by boat and car. I’ll show youtwo photos of the boats.

This is a boat of SNCM. The picture is taken in Ajaccio, while we were waiting for our boat. The boat is called Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica so you can find a few things related to him on Corsica.

This boat, from Corsica ferries, is the boat we had back to Toulon. 



  1. That boat bij night is very beautiful!

  2. Both are very cool, but I am especially drawn to the first one! Those lights are amazing… wonderful reflections, too… it really glows!

    • Yes, those boats can look very magical at night. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ahhh it’s always good to be home though eh ??… even if it’s not quite as warm.. lol.. Love the night shot YP… 🙂

    • Thanks a lot. Indeed, it’s also good to be home again 🙂

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