Posted by: yourparadise | October 1, 2011

Corsica: Ants know what teamwork is

Ants are actually strange creatures. They seems so fragile, but they are in fact really strong. Some people say that an ant can carry 20 times its own weight, others say it can even carry 100 times its own weight,. Even if it could ‘only’ carry 20 times its own weight it’s incredible. Have you ever carried something of 1100 kg or more? I don’t think so.

Ants aren’t only really strong, they definitely know what teamwork is. An anthill always seems so chaotic, but somehow every single ant knows what he has to do. When you look at the ants you can always find a few ants helping eachother. Real teamwork, isn’t it?

These ants were in my grandmother’s garden in Corsica.



  1. I have to admit… I usually have to use both arms when I carry 1,100 kg.
    Okay, okay… so that’s more like both arms for 1,100 g.
    Seriously, though… wonderful shot, Y.P.!

  2. Great photo, excellent detail.

  3. Yeah, I really admire ants, but I still think they’re a little creepy…

    • I have to agree with you, I actually don’t really like ants either. 😉

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