Posted by: yourparadise | October 12, 2011

Brasil Festival in Amsterdam

Last week, October 3rd, was the opening of the Brasil Festival in Amsterdam. In the next few weeks there will be different events related to Brazil, such as: Brazilian movies, Brazilian music, Brazilian dance, Brazilian art and a lot more. Other years there were festivals about China and India, and this time we will learn more about the Brazilian culture.

In this post I will tell you about the festival and I’ll also show you many photos of the opening of the festival. Enjoy!

The opening was at the ‘Museumplein’ in Amsterdam. Some of you, who follow my blog for a longer time or who live in the Netherlands, probably recognize it. If you want to see how het Museumplein looks in the winter, when there is snow and when there is no festival, click here.

This is the Concert Hall, close to het Museumplein. On the buidling is an advertisement for the Festival. There will be many performances in this building.

”Musical riches of Brazil. From choro to capoeira and from classical to jazz”

As you can see, this photo is taken earlier than the first photo in this post. The opening started in the early evening and ended around 8.30 pm. This photo shows some kind of big puppet. A man moved this puppet around. Behind the puppet is ‘het Rijksmuseum’.

The festival started with a parade. It was difficult to take good pictures of that because there were a lot of people and the people were dancing a lot. It was really nice to see though. There were many beautiful costumes, different kind of dances, a drum band and other things.

The people of the parade walked to this podium. On stage were different performances, such as singers and capoeira dancers.

Of course the Brazilian flag also has to be on a Brasil Festival!

The festival was officially opened by our princess, princess Máxima. In this picture she’s the woman in the golden dress. It isn’t a great photo, but… I can say that I have seen the princess in real life, haha!

The festival ended with fireworks. The podium, with the princess, is on the left side of the photo.

I really liked the opening of the festival, it’s great to see a bit of another culture! Hope you liked the photos~


  1. Nice picures =)

  2. A real reportage! Thanks for all the information. It seems to me a realy nice festival.

    • Thanks spiderwoman. I’m sure you would have liked to be at the opening of the festival! 😉

  3. What a great way to learn all about the various cultures from around the world… It looks like it’s very well attended too, which is even better… Nice shots YP..

    • Thanks! There really were a lot of people so sometimes it was difficult to see everything, but it was really fun!

  4. Especially the pictures in the dark are pretty =)

    • Thanks! Really nice of you to follow my blog. 😀

  5. I really did enjoy these!
    It was great to learn about the festival, too! Thanks for including that background – it looks (and sounds) like a lot of fun!

    • Thanks a lot spilledinkguy, it was a really nice festival! I hope that there’s going to be another one next year.

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