Posted by: yourparadise | October 20, 2011

De Efteling: Villa Volta

Villa Volta is one of my favorite attractions in de Efteling. I really like this attraction because of the beautiful decoration, the legend and the music. 

It’s a Madhouse, built by Vekoma in 1996. In that time it was one of the first Madhouses. In a Madhouse you get the idea that the building, yourself or both are turned upside down. In fact this is not happening, it’s an illusion.

When you enter the house, you hear a story told by an old man, Hugo. The story is based on the legend of  ‘De Bokkenrijders’ (The Goat Riders/The Buckriders). They were robbers in Kempen, Limburg and a bit of Belgium. The robbers made a pact with the devil and people said they saw them fly through the sky on the back of goats.

Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen is the leader of the robbers and Villa Volta is his home. One day, the goat riders robbed the Abbey of Postel. A woman in white clothes, who was floating through the air,  came to Hugo and warns him:

”Thou shalt not steal, never carry anything beyond this Holy Cross… Or else thou sthalt be banned in thy own house, and shalt never find peace of mind anymore”

Hugo ignored her warning and pushed her away. When he came back home he saw her standing there, on top of his house, her arms swinging in the wind. She tells him:

”Nowhere in your house, nor in any other place in the world, will you find peace… Only when a noble man with the clear conscience like that of a newborn child enters your house, you will find peace in your home and in your heart”


Here you see the woman standing on the roof. (There’s also a seagull on her head, but its not part of the statue)

~If you want to see the attraction you can watch this video. It’s not made by me.  Of course the attraction is much and much better in real and if you are planning to go to de Efteling one day, I advise you not to watch it. 😉

~If you want to listen to the music, click here.



  1. Aah, I also visited this attraction. It was really weird, but fun! The room kept spinning, you really got the feeling as if you were the one making salto’s or something.

  2. A nice story and I like the film, although I can hardly see it without feeling my stomach. This is really an attraction that I want to see every time I visit the Efteling. But your photo makes clear that the outside of the building is also very beautiful.

  3. Interesting. Great shot. I like the depth in that first picture, with the pillars.

  4. I like the sense of symmetry / balance in these…
    and of course your story adds so much, too!
    Makes me want to visit Villa Volta some day!

    • Thanks! I think the story of Villa Volta is really interesting, also because part of it really happened. On top of that, the attraction looks great. De Efteling is really worth visiting. 😉

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