Posted by: yourparadise | November 20, 2011

De Efteling: Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is a really fun attraction in de Efteling. The attraction consists of 14 small boats. The boats lead you to a complete different world: The Wonderful world of 1001 Nights.

You hear eastern music and sail through an arabic city. You see people working, poor people but also rich people. There is a market, there are belly dancers, tigers and all the other things of 1001 Nights.

All the people and animals in the attraction are robot dolls, but it’s very realistic. It’s almost as if you are really in another world. 

This is the outside of Fata Morgana.  Everything is completely in the Arabic style.

If you want to see a video of the inside of the attraction, click here. (Contains spoilers!) The video is not made by me.



  1. Looks interesting. I had a look at the youtube link too. Don’t like the snakes 🙂

    • Thank you! And don’t worry, there aren’t many snakes there. 😉

  2. Sounds very interesting, indeed!
    Kind of makes me think I should try to get out a bit more… well… as long as there’s youtube… maybe tomorrow.

  3. It is a great photo. I love the colors and the place itself seems very interesting. I like to travel and back in time to the Arabian Nights seems like as good a place as any to go! I’m extending an invitation to you. You should find it as a WordPress email. Take care.

    • Thank you and thanks for subscribing! If you are ever in the Netherlands for a long time, I really advice you to go to the Efteling. 😉

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