Posted by: yourparadise | December 30, 2011

Corsica: Lac de Creno

Since a few days I’m back in Corsica again. I celebrated Christmas here with my family and I’m going to stay here for one more week. Yesterday I went walking in the mountains with my parents and sister. We visited Lac de Creno. It’s a lake in the middle of the mountains. We’ve been there before in the summer, when there were water lilies, but at this moment there is snow and ice around and on the lake.

Here you can see the icicles on the mountain. At some parts there were really a lot of them, and they were really long.

Before you reach the lake, you have to walk for a while. (about 1,5 hours) This was a bit difficult sometimes because the ground was slippery. Luckily, no one fell of the mountain. 😉

This is a part of the lake. The water is frozen and there are a few small islands where trees grow. The lake is a beautiful place to just sit for a while, eating your lunch and enjoying the view!



  1. Your frozen lake photo is great – looks magical.

    • Thanks! It did look very magical, especially when you saw the whole lake!

  2. wonderful pic! that’s definitely deserve that you walk for 1.5 hours to see it 🙂

    • Thank you very much Abdulaziz! It really was worth the walk 🙂

  3. A wonderful view, indeed!
    Definitely worth braving the cold for, I would say!
    A very happy new year to you, Y.P.!

    • Thank you! A very happy New Year to you too!! 😀

  4. Nice pictures! You can almost see the silence!

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