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Corsica: A moulting lizard

Lizards are moulting every once in a while. When the old skin is outgrown it’s replaced by a new skin. By lizards, the skin normally falls off in different pieces and not in one piece.

Another thing about lizards is that they can detach their tails. Here in Corsica you can see many lizards, with or without their tails.

A few days ago I heard a strange sound in a rose bush. I looked at what it was and saw a lizard there. The special thing about it was that it was in its moulting proces! You don’t see that so often. The lizard got  a bit scared of me and ran away. Of course I wanted to take a picture of him, so I followed him. It seemed that this lizard was a bit slower than the others, maybe because it was busy getting its new skin. In the end I could take a perfect picture of him. I’m very pleased with the result because it’s really difficult to take a photo of a lizard, and this one is even shedding its skin!

This is the lizard. You can still see a bit of the old skin around its neck.

I even found a little piece of old skin! It has a really nice pattern and it was really soft.

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Guess what this is: The answer!

A few days ago I asked you if you knew what a certain object in one of my photos was. I’d like to thank you all for giving me your answers! It was really cool to see what everyone thought. Many of you thought it was a sea anemone and other thoughts were that it might be coral, a carpet or even an alien! haha

This was the post were the photo is in: Corsica: Guess what this is! and this was the photo.

So now it’s time for the answer! What is this blue/purple thing? None of you gave the right answer so I’m sure you will be a little bit surprised by what it is.

It is….

See the answer!

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Corsica: Guess what this is!

Yesterday I took this picture. I actually really like it because of its colors and because it looks kinda mysterious. You actually can’t see very well what it is, so I ask you to tell me what you think that this is! I won’t give you any hints, so I am curious about your answers.

Later I will tell you what it really is. 😉

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Pinkie, it’s already 3 years ago…

My guinea pig Pinkie died 3 years ago, 12 August. You can call me stupid, but it still makes me sad, because I get really emotionally attached to my pets. Pinkie was a really special guinea pig. When I bought him, they told me that he was born 9 July 2005. Surprisingly 9 july is also my birthday. He had a really special pattern on his hairs. It looked like it was a part of a checkerboard. Unless many other guinea pigs, he was clean, which means that he used a certain place as a ‘toilet’. When he was younger I used to put a brick in his animal cage. It sounds a bit strange, but it was because otherwise he wasn’t able to get out of the cage, since he was so small. He actually liked lying on the brick, as if it was a really soft bed.

This is a photo from a few years ago. My sister and are reading a book in the garden. In the summer I would sometimes put the cage outside so that he could enjoy the nice weather. We also had a special cage outside where he and my sister’s guinea pig could eat grass. They loved that!

Heres another really short post about Pinkie.

Pinkie, Rest in Peace.

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Corsica: Finally a grasshopper that doesn’t jump everywhere!

Like the title says, I finally found a grasshopper that didn’t jump away when I wanted to take a picture. It’s always so difficult to take a picture of a grasshopper! Luckily, I saw this one sitting on the ground and it didn’t really seem to bother that I was coming so close. The end result? This photo!

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Corsica: When the night comes slowly

It always surprises me how early it gets dark here in Corsica. In my hometown in the Netherlands it sometimes gets dark around 11 pm when it’s summer. But in Corsica it can already be dark around 9.15 pm in the summer. That’s a really big difference. Did you ever experience a difference like that? It probably has to do with the equator, but I’m not sure how it works.

Here are some photos when the night starts to come here. Hope you like it!

The dark shadows of trees, the mountain and the moon.

See the other photo that’s taken a few minutes later!

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Corsica: Pink Rose with Lantern

These pink roses are in my grandmother’s garden. Behind the roses is a lamp and you can see the sea and some other mountains. These photos I’ve taken are from this pink rose. It was starting to get dark outside and there was a sunset, so this gives a special light to the photos.


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Corsica: The Beautiful Young Red Rose

You’ve already seen this rose in another post, but I wanted to share some other photos of this one with you.

Isn’t this a stunning rose?

See more photos of this rose!

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Corsica: In the heart of the rose

I absolutely love roses. They are so beautiful and a great model for photos.

In the next photos you’ll see a few close ups of different roses.

A red rose. Red roses are my favorites.

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Toulon: Place de la liberté

On our way to Corsica, we were also in Toulon for a few hours. We walked around and came by Place de la liberté. It’s builot under the orders of Louis Napoleon, such as many other monuments in Toulon.

Here you can see my sister, sitting by the fountain. 

See more of Place de la liberté!

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Help! My camera is dying!

Sadly, I’m not kidding. My camera is really dying. It’s an old camera (A Canon PowerShot A430, 4.0 megapixels and 4x optical zoom) and I already have it for a really long time.

Even though it’s old, I can’t accept the fact that it doesn’t work anymore. Well… it actually does still work, but it’s not useful at all.

Two days ago I took this picture of a wild cat in my grandmother’s garden. As you can see, we are feeding her.

After that, I took another picture and suddenly it became like this!

Now everytime I take a picture, there comes a lot of white light in the photo and there are many horizontal lines in the photo. 

I’ve tried everything: changing batteries, changing settings, resetting it, and so on.

Does anyone know what I can do so that it works again?

Read more, maybe you know what to do about it!

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France: Sundial

A few days ago I left home with my parents and sister. We went to Corsica by car. On our way to Corsica we saw many different things. (it was also a really long trip) We drove through The Netherlands (of course), Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Some people are always confused: does Corsica belong to Italy, France or maybe Spain? Corsica is an island of France. I’ve posted many other photos of Corsica months ago. You can see them here. 

We drove to Toulon, where we were going to Corsica by boat. In the south of France, close to Toulon, we had a small break. Near the highway was a parking area. It was a quiet place and also surprisingly different from what we expected.

It was a big area, and there was a sundial! (French: Cadran Solaire) 

There was also a really nice view. You can see the sea.

See more photos!

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More Weheartit

I saw that two more of my pictures were added to Weheartit. Of course I really like this, but I hope that people are not going to use my photos and pretend that they have taken them. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m posting the pictures on Weheartit here again so that it makes it really clear that I took them. 😉

Christmas Rose: click here for Weheartit post.

It is from this post on my blog: click here.

Blue flowers/Banner for my blog: click here for Weheartit post.

It is from this post on my blog: click here.

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Yourparadise on weheart it and flag counter!

This morning I was checking out the statistics of my blog. I was really surprised to see that someone posted two photos of my blog on Weheartit. Most of you probably know what Weheartit is. Weheartit is a community where people post photos they really like. Such photos can be found on the internet or somewhere else. They include the website where the photo is from.

These two photos were posted on Weheartit:

They are from this post.

You can see them on weheart it here and here.

Now about the flag counter. I also put a flag counter on my blog. It shows where the people who are visiting my blog are from. It’s actually a bit late to do that, since my blog exists for longer than a year, but it’s still cool I think, because now you can easily see from which countries the visitors are. 🙂

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Paris: Pont Alexandre III (part 1)

There’s a really impressive bridge in Paris: Pont Alexandre III. The archbridge connects the Champs-Élysées quarter, the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter. The bridge was built between 1896 and 1900. The bridge is really outstanding because of its ornate decoration. You can see lamps, angels, animals and many other things. The bridge is named after Tsar Alexander III. He concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892.

You can see the bridge from far away, because it’s so big and because of the golden statues.

This statue of a lion is at the beginning of the bridge.

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